Mig-21 Fishbed. Introduced half a century ago. Over 10,000 were built. Capable of Mach 2 speeds. Used extensively in Vietnam and in the 60s and 70s wars in the Middle East. Still in use in a number of Third World countries. Mig-21  fighter planes

Mig-23 FLOGGER - designed to be a successor to Mig-21, a fighter-interceptor, also had ground attack capabilities. Entered service in the early 1970s. Still in service in a number of Third World countries.  Mig-23 Flogger fighter-interceptor

Mi-24 Hind helicopter gunship. Introduced in the mid 1970s, saw extensive combat in a number of wars - from Cambodian - Vietnamese war of 1978, through Soviet invasion of Afghanistan, through both Gulf Wars. Still in service, primarily in Russia and former Warsaw Pact countries, and a number of Middle Eastern and African countries. According to Wikipedia, United States operates some for training purposes (as an opposing force). Mi-24 Hind helicopter gunship




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