Companies below do not necessarily fit the theme of this site, but are run by people we have worked with before - we trust their professionalism and personal integrity.

Construction toys
Construction toys - diggers, dump trucks, mowers, graders, Lego sets - if it has to do with construction, or can be constructed - it's here. Enjoy.

American made toys
In the era offshore toys full of lead and other dangerous chemicals, it makes even more sense to buy American made products. Support your local manufacturers, and keep you child safe from unhealthy toys.

1000 toys NOT made in China
This site has a variety of American and European made toys. - how to increase your wealth
- This site looks at wealth from a variety of perspectives, but is always bottom line oriented - what can you do today to increase your wealth. - Web design and implementation, Internet research - If you need to build an internet site - need it designed, implemented, updated - contact Driscoll. We have worked with them in the past, and have been very pleased with speed and quality of work. They have also researched real estate price trends for us. Currently we are working with them on a large B2B project. If you want European design and quality - for a semi-offshore price - talk to - Horror and Technical Writing - Owner of this horror site not only writes horror stories, but is also a technical writer and an excellent manager of writers - if you need something written - or simply want to stroll over to " the dark side" - check out


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