T-34 - WW II Russian main battle tank. The second most produced tank in the world - number one spot is held by T-55. T-34 saw action throughout the war between Soviet Union and Germany, and participated in large numbers in the biggest tank battle in history - Battle of Kursk. Estimates put the total number of tanks (both Soviet and German) at over 6000. Soviet T-34 World War Two main battle tank

IS-2 - Iosef Stalin 2 - WW II Russian heavy tank. With 160 mm (6.3 inches) front armor, and a 122 mm main cannon IS 2 was Soviet Union's answer to German King Tiger. Shells from the 122 mm canon could penetrate front armor of the German Panther. Explosive shells were very effective against bunkers and dug in guns. IS-2 bunker busting capabilities were used in the last battle of World War II in Europe - Battle of Berlin Iosef Stalin 2 (IS-2) heavy tank

T-55 - one on the right in desert colors T-55 tank

Three T-55 tanks - picture taken from about 40 yards - notice how well they blend in the shrubs Polish T-55 tanks




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